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Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions, including details on completing your tax return, accessing and uploading documents into your secure data folder, and more!

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date to remember

Deadlines for 2018 Tax Year

March 15th – Partnership and S Corporation Tax Deadline
Tax return due date for flow-through entities is the fifteenth day of the third month of the company's fiscal year. The extended due date for flow-through taxes will be September 16, 2019.

April 15th – Individual and C Corporation Tax Deadline

September 16th – Filing Deadline for Partnerships and S Corporation with Extension
If you filed an extension prior to March 15th, this is your final deadline.

October 15th – Filing Deadline for Individual and C Crop with Extension
If you filed an extension prior to April 15th, this is your final deadline.

Documents to Gather

Below is a list of the most common documents we need to prepare your taxes.

Copy of previous year's tax return

If we prepared your return last year, then we will already have a copy.

Records of wages, compensation or tips

These are your Forms W2s and 1099s from Jan. to Dec. of the tax year.

Record of business income and expenses for self-employed

This is likely to be your business P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow statement.

Record of interest and/or dividends

This is likely to be a Form 1099 from a US financial institution or your year-end interest statement from your local bank.

Record of any mortgage interest

If you own a property in another country and you have a mortgage on that property, you should receive a statement saying how much interest you pay annually; this is the statement we need.

Record of distribution from Pensions, Annuities, Profit Sharing, IRA or other retirement accounts

If you have withdrawn any money from any of these accounts, your employer or broker should have sent you a statement.

Record of any Social Security benefits

Any social security benefits that have been paid to you.

Record of any additional income

This could be rental income if you rent out a property, interest from bonds or savings accounts if they have not sent you a tax statement, etc.