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Individual Tax Return Preparation

$149 - $549

In order to request any resolution program with the IRS, you must first be fully compliant. This means that all back taxes must be filed with the IRS before we can explore options to negotiate your debt.

Not only do we prepare back tax returns, but we also help clients with their current year’s tax returns.

Here’s what’s included in the cost:

● Standard federal form: Forms 1040

● One standard state form

● All standard schedules: Schedules A, B, C (Profit and Loss from self-employed business), D, and E (one rental property), up to three Schedule K-1s, and up to 20 bank and brokerage transactions

Most people don’t need additional forms beyond those included in our flat fees, but should you need any, we will gladly prepare those at an additional charge.

If you’ve worked with us to resolve your tax debt, it’s important to keep the momentum going and stay current on your taxes with our ongoing tax preparation services.