Build software & hardware



Our company specializes in the development of software and specialized hardware to automate and control processes in the area of: Security of facilities, IoT, payroll control with biometrics, vehicle parking control systems, PDA for the hotel sector, IBM systems Z / CICS for banking environments and HL7 / SAP systems for hospitals. For all systems, the OPC standard is used to integrate them with BOSCH systems. Our systems are in production in the Government of Colombia sector for more than 10 years.

Our focus: 1) Development hardware IoT integrated with Bosch' devices. 2) Development of custom control software and hardware integrated into security, biometrics, payroll and access control systems for people and vehicles. 3) Maintenance and Support of Alarm, Fire, Access Control and Biometry EquipmentOur line of business: 4) Manufacture and sale of our energy savers electric system using quantum generators that absorb C02. 5) Development IoT hardware and software to detect radiation, CO2, bioagents, pollutants and pollution rivers, air and seas. 6) Development IoT hardware and software specialized in biometrics and control access with: Face / iris / RFID / plate / voice / writing / fingerprint / brainwave recognition (BRS) and integrated with our solutions under local server or cloud.7) Install and sell our portable's houses integrated and powered by our quantum energy reactor with pur IoT's solutions. 8) Development IoT hardware and software integrated with SAP-BOSH-BIOMETRICS-IBM Z CICS's technology for hospital's centers. 9) Development IoT's Solutions specialized for our customers in houses, industries and factories. 10) Development IoT's specialized solutions integrated with biometrics and Mainframe IBM Z under CICS environment for Banks.