Fire extinguishing systems
  • Automatic sprinkler systems.
  • Systems with wet pipe.
  • Systems with dry pipe.
  • Spray and action systems.
  • Distribution cabinet systems with water inlets for firefighters.
  • Private networks with hydrants
  • Notifier, 10 Zone Conventional Fire Control Panel With DACT and 7 Amp Power Supply
  • Fike Relay Modules
Systems of supply of water inlets for fire
  • Pumping system certified
  • Water networks.
  • Water reserve tanks
Special fire extinguishing systems
  • FOAM
  • High, medium and low range
  • Water sprays
  • Monitors and digitally controlled water networks.
  • Systems with FM - 200 and Ecaro - 25.
Systematic explosion protection system
  • Fire detection and prevention systems.
  • System of insulation and protection of electrical conductors.
  • Ventilation system, gas suppression and gas extraction
  • Explosion suppression system. 
Detection, notification and fire alarm system.
  • Systems with conventional and addressable detection panels.
  • Detectors and smoke sensors, sensors multti-criterion, sensors: Thermal, flame, photoelectric, water for ducts, flow, smoke and barrier type sensors for early activation by aspiration between different ventolation ducts
  • Automatic notification system, audio systems and manual stations for emergency control.