CCTV Systems
  • Analog and digital conventional systems (PTZ, fixed cameras, minidomes, thermal CCTV)
  • Digital recording systems with NVR with cloud or external storage type SAN or Nas.
  • Management and administration systems of centralized video or moniterada through a remote connection VPN, APP or via VMS (Video Management Software). 
  • Video analytics systems (counting people, objects, vehicles, facial detection, etc.). Face recognition, iris, finger, voice, license plates and BRS. 
Biometrics Systems
  • Pedestrian and vehicular control system
  • Identification system by iris, facial, retinal, geometric biometric of the other hand. Analytical IA predictive and analytical data.
  • Payroll control system and biometric enrollment.
  • Access control system, autonomous and integrated to unified security platforms integrated into customer databases and their commercial applications.
  • Plate Recognition system integrated with parking control Access for Hotels and Hospitals
Intrusion Systems and Alarms
  • Conventional alarm system and IP.
  • Specialized humidity, audio, magnetic contact detectors, emergency push buttons, wireless, thermal, CO2 and smoke wiring, among others.
  • Perimeter protection systems buried sensors, microwaves, volumetric and surveillance systems with Drones.
Hospital integration systems and home automation systems
  • Integration of all commercial systems with security systems to have the same global concept of a unified platform. It includes hospital systems with standard HL7 and OPC.
  • Design and configuration of integrated security networks connected to the local police.
  • Design and installation of monitors for BMS, automation OPC and home automation operation consoles.
  • Integration of different electronic security systems using the OPC industry standard
Control systems
  • Monitors and remote control of water pumps, elevators, power plants, UPS and industrial plants. 
  • Automated A / C solutions, lighting and energy savers.
  • Control of electrical and electronic equipment via cell phone using Domotics.
  • Automation and integration of security applications based on IBM System Z, Bosch and video analytics with platforms under IBM CICS, Linux, Microsoft,Iphone and Android OS
IBM System Z
  • Analytics and machine learning. Capture, analyze and act on data while it’s fresh – without moving it.
  • Explore analytics capabilities. Blockchain_image,Blockchain Boost, innovation and security by running distributed ledgers on a platform tightly integrated with transactional data and applications.
  • Explore blockchain capabilities. Cloud_image,Cloud Optimize security. Application deployment and time-to-revenue with secure cloud on an open software stack.
  • Explore hybrid cloud on Z ans multicloud on Z.Devops_image,DevOps,Speed innovation with a framework for rapidly developing, testing, and deploying services.
  • Control System.