System On-Street
  • Integration of multiple technologies with the aim of improving mobility on the roads of cities through the use of different systems such as:
  • Traffic management in real time. 
  • Traffic control system in the city.
  • Alerts of the state of the weather, the sea and its pollution status for bathers of the beaches in real time. 
  • Detection and processing of statistics of use and condition of the roads based on traffic and vehicle weight 
  • Warning system and road screen for drivers of environmental pollution from tourist beaches has saved the government millions in health expenses.
  • Our system has improved the collection of taxes by the early warnings of expiration of licenses, insurance and payment of taxes to city drivers.
Red light detection system and traffic infractions
  • Detection of vehicles that jump the red light of the traffic lights or make U-turns prohibited by law.
Intelligent quantum lighting system
  • Intelligent lighting system that illuminates with LEDs the main roads of the city and self-powered with a quantum generator.
Reading system for vehicle license plates and traffic infractions.
  • Through a fixed panel, it detects traffic infractions or expiration dates of the driver's license and accident insurance and automatically sends the infraction ticket to the offender's address.
Vehicle auditing system
  • It detects if a vehicle is badly parked and sends the alert to the transit unit to generate the infringement ticket.. 
Automatic parking control system
  • It detects the vehicle plates, takes control and sends a warning light of the availability of parking spaces.