We are specialists in the development of software and hardware with IOT (Internet of Things); Focused towards the security area, through the automation of industrial processes and the control of personnel with the use of intelligent devices and robots developed by our human management team.

Our company is involved in the manufacture and sale of our electrical system of energy savers, using quantum generators that absorb CO2; In accordance with the laws of Florida that promote the use of non-polluting energies for the environment. Our approach is based on the development of Biometric High Security Integration Applications and Solutions and our develop specialized solutions for banks, hotels, hospitals, environmental control and residential housing.Our work methodology (AGILE) focuses on satisfying the needs of clients, providing innovative services and having differentiating services to improve the quality of life of people and make their lives easier and more pleasant.



Being the chosen company for our innovation and quality of the solutions, products and services that we provide to our clients.

To be recognized for the human and professional quality of our people and for our contribution to the community and the environment.